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On Such a Full Sea

Book of the Month:
“On Such a Full Sea” by Chang-Rae Lee

Hi everyone – What a great conversation on last month’s read, “Roadside Picnic”! Good to see so many of you this past Sunday and discuss this member-recommended classic. It’s a thoughtful, cinematic snapshot of a world trying to figure out what comes next after an alien event. The Strugatsky brothers have crafted a dark comedy in which we feel the reality of daily life at the edge of the zone. Satirical, sweet, and a fair amount of adventure. We have a little more time this month (meeting the fourth Sunday in July), so definitely take some time to read “Roadside Picnic” if you haven’t had the chance yet.

For this month, we’ve decided to stick with the theme of living with the apocalypse. We’re due for a recent novel and, if the number of people seen reading a book on a daily commute is any indication, we’ve got a real winner on our hands here. “On Such a Full Sea”, published in 2014, takes place in a future, long-declining classist American society. The story follows Fan who leaves home when the man she loves mysteriously disappears. We love the prospect of turning an old rescue story on its head and are really looking forward to investigating the world that Lee has built.

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