To Be Taught: All Systems Red Covers

To Be Taught, If Fortunate & All Systems Red

Novellas of the Month:
“To Be Taught, If Fortunate” by Becky Chambers
“All Systems Red” by Martha Wells

Hi all! We have a long month so let’s take advantage of it!

For December we’re going to read two great short novellas that deal with life among the stars. “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” got us thinking about the day to day living in the void of space (yeah yeah, I know it’s not a void, dark matter and all that. I’m being dramatic).

The two novellas don’t have too much in common on their own, but they do dovetail nicely to one another and “Bob”. In “To Be Taught, If Fortunate”, we meet a scientific research team working as the first step to terraforming a planet. I don’t want to spoil anything here so trust, Chambers comes at us with an intriguing study of life on another planet. Can’t wait to see where the story goes!

“All Systems Red” on the other hand takes us on a mission from the first-person perspective of a disaffected cyborg soldier for hire. His mission? Protect a group of scientists as they investigate a planet (see what we did there?). It’s sweeping in scope, has some great action, and is funny as hell. You’re going to love both of these stories.

Read one, read both, heck, read neither. Either way, we hope to see you on December 29th for this month’s meeting!

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